Annual Report 2021-2022

The Chair of the Trustees reported on the continued challenges of the post pandemic period and its impact on supply costs .

The pandemic has continued to rear its head throughout the year. We all welcomed the drop in fatalities  as we moved into the spring of 2022 spurred on by the success of the vaccination program but regrettably COVID was incredibly adaptive and we faced in succession the changes  to the Delta Variant and then Omicron. These surges impacted on our local community and the population struggled to keep infection rates low and this impacted on the local businesses both employees and supplies. That, combined with escalating issues, caused world wide by the impact on supply chains of COVID causing shortages in material’s, employees and transport. The consequence has been difficulty in obtaining the goods needed at a reasonable cost to meet the escalating needs of the local community made on the Trust and other agencies in the Town. Early on the in the year, we were warned by suppliers of the potential risks and a possible 20% increase in costs, a prediction which was not far from its mark. 

The impact of the supply chain issue has been exasperated by an onslaught of other major issues world wide, not least political unrest in our domestic politics, and perhaps most notably at this point in time the war which has broken out between Russia and Ukraine, marking escalating energy prices, inflation rocketing and a recession on the horizon. Our optimism mid year regrettably now feels misplaced and we face the growing number of applications from members of the community who are struggling to provide the basics for their families and indeed for some families to feed them.

Mark Hunter Chair of The Trustees

The Trust reported on Trust awards :

Fareshare Yorkshire £12,000

Barnardos Junction Project £5000

Alcohol and Drug Service £3000

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